RealTech Fund invested in Wonder Future Corporation, a company which that develop a damage-free component mounting technology, the "IH Spot Reflow".

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Euglena Investment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Akihiko Nagata), as an investor for the research and development specialized venture capital fund "Real Tech Fund", is pleased to inform you that we have invested in Wonder Future Corporation (hereinafter referred to as WFC) which develops "Damageless Component Mounting Technology *" IH Spot Reflow ".
* Technique for suppressing the damage done to the base materials when parts are to be mounted or when attaching electronic parts etc

WFC is a next-generation mounting technology using the damage-free component mounting technology "IH Spot Reflow", creating "manufacturing infrastructure" that support the IoT society.
Conventional mounting techniques such as solder reflowing use heat resistant substrates, like glass and expensive polyimide, which have a low flexibility and stretchability. The "IH spot reflow" developed by WFC is a mounting technology applying IH (electromagnetic induction), and focus only on the area where parts need to be mounted without causing damage or physical stress. With this technology, electronic parts can be mounted on materials with low heat resistance, like PET, cloth and paper, which are inexpensive, flexible and stretchable, making it possible to develop devices never seen before.

RealTech Fund will undertake the shares issued by WFC this time through a third-party allotment of shares, and will undertake the research conducted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), the National Research and Development Corporation adopted by WFC, Development-type venture support project / support for business development for R & D-oriented venture in seed "As accreditation VC of grant project, we will support the company's R & D, sales and marketing activities etc.

Please refer to Portfolio page below for details of WFC.

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Reference: The following press release is released by Euglena Investment Co., Ltd. and PR Times, one of the operating companies.

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