Wonder Future Corporation

Creating a "monozukuri" infrastructure

Wonder Future Corporation (WFC) creates manufacturing infrastructures with a next-generation packaging technology proposing a damage-free component mounting technology, the "IH spot reflow". Conventional mounting techniques, like solder reflowing, use heat resistant substrates such as glasses and expensive polyimide which have low flexibility and stretchability but are able withstand heat damage. The "IH spot reflow" developed by WFC is a mounting technology applied through electromagnetic induction that only targets the area where the part which needs to be mounted, allowing for instantaneous and damage-free mounting by limiting the physical stress to which the substrate us exposed. With this technology, electronic parts can be mounted on low heat-resistant materials like PET, cloth and paper, all of which are inexpensive, flexible and stretchable, and make it possible to create devices never seen before.


Damage-less component mounting on low heat-resistant substrate "IH spot reflow"
By using IH (electromagnetic induction), it is possible to realize rapid and damage-free parts mounting by limiting the stress the base material is exposed to in focusing only the area were the part needs to be mounted. With this process, components can be mounted on a low heat-resistant substrates, like PET, cloth or paper, which are usually avoided due to the thermal damage that can occur during the process, and create the flexible and stretchable next generation of IoT.
World's first 3D resin touch panel
We created the world's first 3D curved surface touch panel made in resin, a product that can be applied to new cars as an infotainment system that does not have the conventional planar (two dimensional) shape, or to a touch panel which makes full use of the lightweight and crack resistant properties of resin. By combining touch panel drive technology with our IH spot reflow, which allow for mounting on low heat resistant base materials like resin, we can provide for an important diversification in devices in the automobile field.


Establishment April 1st 2013
Representative President and Representative Director Mitsuki Fukuda
Capital 27,500,000 yen (excluding capital reserve)
Business contents Development and development support of 3D resin touch panel, sales and support of IH spot reflow equipment
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President and Representative Director Mitsuki Fukuda

In the language of flowers, a "Blue Rose" translates to "Aiming for the impossible" which is why we chose it as our company logo. Our IH spot reflow technology enables many kind of manufacturing that were difficult to do until now, such as mounting parts on materials with a low heat resistance. We aim to shift the manufacturing paradigm and supply products with improved technology and price worldwide.

President and Representative Director Mitsuki Fukuda

Growth Manager

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Growth Manager : Sou Yanbe

Whether it's the cathode ray tube used in TVs several decades ago, or the latest smart phone, component mounting of the device's equipment is a core process. Solder reflow is still used for mounting technology, and a rigid board is needed to withstand the thermal damage that occurs during the process. In order for IoT devices to be even closer to us, and can even be worn, they need to acquire a new variety of shapes and functions and be able to bend and stretch. With our technology, WFC will contribute to the creation of those new devices that will lead to new freedom.

Growth Manager : Sou Yanbe