Contributing to patient's QOL with innovative mental / neurological disease diagnostic markers

RESVO aims to improve the lives of people all around by developing an efficient therapeutic agents delivery system, and a disease testing kit capable of diagnosis / stratification of mental / neurological diseases through blood markers.


Venture Co., Ltd. Venture Co., Ltd. challenging the world's first immune-impaired schizophrenia to recover completely RESVO special talk interview


Development of test kit for treatment of patients with schizophrenia / autism
Fundamental therapies and testing methods for schizophrenia and autism, which are among the intractable disease affecting the nerves, have yet to be established. In recent years, early treatment of schizophrenia and autism originated from immune disorders has been alluded to diminish the severity of the pathology, but no determining markers had been identified. RESVO is trying to address this problem by developing a blood test method (inspection kit) that, if used, should help make comprehensive care easier and broaden treatment options, improving the QOL of the patients and their families.​ ​
State-of-the-art animal creation technology and disease proteomics technology
we are developing test kits and therapies based on molecular mechanisms revealed through the study of model animals. RESVO is in possession of technology that enable us to create specific model animals, and disease proteomics technology that allow to comprehensively study the structure and function of proteins in a living body and un tissues, all of which give us the opportunity to develop new, comprehensive, care and fundamental therapy for numerous intractable diseases.​ ​


Establishment January 23th 2015
Representative Representative director Noriaki Kobayashi, CTO Onishi New
Capital 58.1 million yen
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Representative director Noriaki Kobayashi, CTO Onishi New

To create a society where we can live healthy,​ ​
Share the benefits of the development of life sciences with as many people as possible
It is our mission to deliver it to hand.

Under the support of Euglena and Leave a Nest
We work to cure intractable diseases, one of the biggest challenges mankind currently faces.​ ​

Representative director Noriaki Kobayashi, CTO Onishi New

Growth Manager

Growth Manager Yusuke Shinozawa

RESVO's diagnostic kit is a cutting-edge invention allowing for medication optimization for patients suffering from schizophrenia and depression and is expected to dramatically improve the QOL of clinical sites and patients. RESVO is a company that has the potential to solve one of the biggest challenges in the world, and RealTech Fund wishes to support their goal.

Growth Manager Yusuke Shinozawa